Can you lose weight by walking?

Yes, walking can help you lose weight because you burn calories. Only it is essential that you also pay attention to your diet! Losing weight remains a combination of exercise and nutrition. How many calories you burn depends on a number of factors:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Length
  • Expensive
  • Sex
  • Tempo

Also ensures daily exercise, including walking, sure to lose your belly fat. To lose belly fat, you will have to walk for at least twenty minutes. Only then will your body transition from glucose to fat burning.

Who is walking for?

That is lucky because walking is for everyone who has excellent mobility. Walking is very accessible, you can do it at your own pace, and there is only a small chance of injuries, compared to running, for example. Don’t feel like walking it alone? Then do it together with a friend. This way, you immediately reduce your screen time on your phone, and you still come to your daily social interaction!

Where can you walk?

Of course, you can walk everywhere! In the evening you can take a tour through your hometown, but you can also go to a forest or to the dunes. You can find plenty of beautiful walking routes in the Netherlands on the Natuurmonumenten site! The best thing is, of course, if you alternate different ways and discover something new every time. Do you have a sedentary profession? During your break, take a nice walk outside and immediately get energy for the rest of your working day!